Watch This Touching Video And See How Your Help Has Saved Lives!

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In our ongoing work with the Soi Dog Foundation, and through your help and generosity, stray dogs in Thailand have been getting the help they desperately need. When stepped in to help raise money for dogs trapped in “the worlds worst shelter” through our Gifts That Give More program, the situation at the Suan Kaew temple dog shelter was horrific. Your contributions have provided the funds necessary to transform the shelter into a safe haven for the dogs that call the shelter home. While work is still ongoing, and will be for the foreseeable future, we are proud to share some of the success stories that you made possible.
Bob the dog was rescued from the illegal meat trade. Thankfully the truck carrying Bob to slaughter was stopped by Thai police. When he was rescued, he was locked in a cage full of other dogs with no access to food, water, or even the ability to move! This grotesque treatment led to his back legs no longer working, as well as other severe injuries.
Luckily he was taken to see some of Soi Dog’s vets who found a spinal fracture and a deeply infected leg wound. With daily therapy and medication, Bob is finally walking again.
Sadly, Soi Dog’s shelter doesn’t have its own X-Ray machine, and Bob had to be driven a half hour away to find out what was wrong with him. Your support is helping to change that, and before too long we will see dozens more stories like Bob’s.
The Soi Dog Foundation and those of us here at the GreaterGood network want to say thank you for your amazing contributions and support! What you have done for them is awe inspiring. You can still help out through our ongoing project to raise money for the Soi Dog Foundation.
Take a look at what your work continues to accomplish!

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