Help Us Build A Mother And Puppy Unit For The Soi Dog Foundation In Thailand!

Meet Veni and Vidi, two sweet, three-month old pups who came to Soi Dog’s shelter recently. They were with their brother Vici and their mother Vita, who was struggling to care for her little family. She was suffering from terrible skin problems and had lost all her fur. Veni and Vidi had started to develop similar skin problems and their fur started to fall out as well.


But happily, things are getting so much better for these little ones. Let’s have them tell you in their own words.

“Since being at the Soi Dog shelter, everything has changed for us! Soi Dog’s vets moved some dogs to another kennel to give us a quiet space where our mother could look after us. They put medication on our skin and bathed us with special shampoo. It wasn’t long before we all started to look better. Our mother is so much healthier and happier. She was very protective of us in the early days but she has now learned to trust the humans who have helped her.”


Sadly, their brother Vici did not fare as well. He fell ill and succumbed to parvovirus, which is common in Thailand. He was just 10 weeks old.

“We have had a very hard start in life and yet, we are the lucky ones. Soi Dog was able to take us in and save our lives, and now we are happy and healthy. But we hope Soi Dog will be able to do more for all the dogs like Vici who have deadly diseases.”

Soi Dog is about to start construction of an urgently needed new hospital for stray dogs which will include a “Mother and Puppy Unit” containing 11 kennels designed specifically for orphaned pups and nursing mothers. These animals will receive the special loving care they need including frequent feedings.

Because puppies are very prone to disease, this unit will be separated from the rest of the hospital to prevent people walking through it en route to other rooms. It will be a safe, quiet place that reduces stress on mothers and protects young puppies from larger dogs.

Won’t you help us build this space and save more puppies like Veni and Vidi?

Even just $10 helps this holiday season–Donate today. Let’s do it in honor of Vici, the little brother they lost too soon.

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