Even Though She Was Thrown Away As A Puppy, Shakey Joy Is A Loving And Hilarious Dog Who Is Ready For A New Home!

Hello there, sweeties! I’m Shakey Joy, one of the senior guests at Soi Dogs in Phuket, Thailand. At the age of two, my first family threw me over the clinic fence and I’ve lived here ever since. Can you even imagine what they were thinking? Me, either. I was too scared to understand at the time, but now I know it was their loss! Just look how adorable I am!


Many of the children that visit Soi Dogs ask me where the name “Shakey Joy” came from, and I bet you were wondering yourself! Well, when I arrived here, I was scared and shook a lot. But what do you expect from a lady that was thrown away? Even when I was afraid and shaking, I still adored attention, and apparently that brought a lot of joy to the people here, so they called me Shakey Joy, which I think fits pretty darn well! I am still a little wary of new people. But once I’m comfortable, you had better be ready to pet me, because I don’t believe there is such a thing as too much affection.

I love Soi Dogs, and they have taken very good care of me for a long time. But I am really ready to have a forever family of my own. Someone was even nice enough to pay for my flight should a loving family decides they want a new best friend! I am such a lucky dog, and I can’t wait to show a new family how lucky they are to have me.


All that is left for Shakey Joy is to find that forever home, one that she desperately wants. Soi Dogs is working incredibly hard to provide adoption opportunities for Shakey, and will help any family adopt her, regardless of where they live in the world.

Can you give her a forever home?

To learn more about adopting Shakey Joy, get in touch with Soi Dog here. Soi Dog charges no adoption fees for international adoptions, however adoption costs must be met by the adopter. For overseas adoptions, costs start at $450 USD for the USA and Canada. The UK and EU are also easy to adopt to and costs starts from 400 euros for the EU and 700 GBP for the UK.

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