#SaveDogs: Abandoned On A Beach After Years Of Abuse, Rogers Managed To Survive! See How!

Animal lovers are a loving and generous lot. We see stories every day about animals that needed a home after a terrible start in life, and it never fails to inspire hope. Sadly, animal abuse and mistreatment spans the globe, we just don’t often see it. Take Rogers as an example.

Rogers grew up in Thailand, and for the first 6 years of her life she was chained up, leaving vicious scars around her neck and head. Starvation was the norm for her, leading to not only her bones clearly showing, but also medical issues from malnutrition and poor food quality. It is a miracle she held on for so long.

For reasons unknown, Rogers “owners” abandoned her on one of Thailand’s many beaches. It is unknown how long she managed to survive on her own, but after such abuse and mistreatment it is a testament to how strong she is. Not only did she manage to stay alive, but she never lost her trust in humans, no matter how justified it would have been.

Amazingly, a tourist found her and alerted the Soi Dog Foundation, who promptly took her in and helped to heal her physical wounds. Now she is healthy and loves to play and adores being pet by her humans! Her survival and continued high spirits is nothing short of a miracle.

All that is left for Rogers is to find a forever home, one that she can depend on to keep her safe and happy. Soi Dogs works incredibly hard to provide adoption opportunities for Rogers, and will help any family adopt her, regardless of where they live in the world.

Can you give her a forever home?

To learn more about adopting Rogers, get in touch with Soi Dog. Soi Dog charges no adoption fees for international adoptions, however adoption costs must be met by the adopter. For overseas adoptions, costs start at $350 USD for the USA and Canada. The UK and EU are also easy to adopt to and costs starts from 400 euros for the EU and 700 GBP for the UK.

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