Sweet Rinko: Making Progress After So Much Pain

Sweet OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARinko: Making progress after so much pain

Hello there! I am a young dog named Rinko who grew up on the streets of Thailand with no one to help me. Thanks to Soi Dog Foundation, I am learning to walk again and I have a new life ahead of me.

An animal lover who lives here in Thailand saw me wandering around on the beach in Phuket and noticed that I was having problems with my back legs and seemed to be in extreme pain. I am so glad that lady noticed me – my legs hurt so much that I couldn’t stand or walk properly. So many other people had walked by and simply ignored me – they must have thought of me as just another stray dog.

She called Soi Dog Foundation, and a man named Khun Jaroon arrived and picked me up. He is an Animal Rescue Officer with Soi Dog and he told me not to worry; he was going to take me somewhere where I would be taken care of.

At Soi Dog’s shelter, the vets took a look at my legs and saw that I had some bad wounds on my back paws. They cleaned out my wounds and gave me some medicine called antibiotics so I wouldn’t get an infection. The vets said I needed an X-ray, and to get this I was put in a truck for a long and bumpy ride to a specialist hospital. This hurt so much! After another painful truck ride back to the shelter, I heard the vets saying the X-ray showed that I had some old fractures in my legs that hadn’t healed properly. As a result, I had problems with the nerves in my paws and this meant I would never be able to walk or stand like a normal dog.

This broke my heart, but Soi Dog’s vets promised they would help me. They made me some special cast shoes so that I could stand up and walk without feeling any pain. This changed my life and I thought I couldn’t be happier! Since the vets fitted me with those special shoes, life gets a little bit better every day. They spend time with me daily to help me to practice stanOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAding and walking, and I must say I’m getting very good at it.

But now my life has gotten even better! A lovely lady called Heather saw my story on Facebook, got in touch with Soi Dog, and said she wanted to adopt me! Heather lives in a place called Seattle in the USA, and she has promised to get me all the vet care I need. She also has a very big yard I’ll be able to play in. Thanks to the vets at Soi Dog and Heather, I’m the happiest dog in Thailand!

I heard Soi Dog is building a new hospital, and they need a special room so they can give X-rays and ultrasounds to dogs like me. Then I and the other dogs and cats can get X-rays right away without that horrible drive to the specialist hospital. Won’t you please help them to build the X-ray room?

After you donate, take a look at my journey with Soi Dog Foundation in the slideshow. Thanks to them, I have a new life!



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