Sweet Rinko: Making Progress After So Much Pain

Sweet OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARinko: Making progress after so much pain

Hello there! I am a young dog named Rinko who grew up on the streets of Thailand with no one to help me. Thanks to Soi Dog Foundation, I am learning to walk again and I have a new life ahead of me.

An animal lover who lives here in Thailand saw me wandering around on the beach in Phuket and noticed that I was having problems with my back legs and seemed to be in extreme pain. I am so glad that lady noticed me – my legs hurt so much that I couldn’t stand or walk properly. So many other people had walked by and simply ignored me – they must have thought of me as just another stray dog.

She called Soi Dog Foundation, and a man named Khun Jaroon arrived and picked me up. He is an Animal Rescue Officer with Soi Dog and he told me not to worry; he was going to take me somewhere where I would be taken care of.

At Soi Dog’s shelter, the vets took a look at my legs and saw that I had some bad wounds on my back paws. They cleaned out my wounds and gave me some medicine called antibiotics so I wouldn’t get an infection. The vets said I needed an X-ray, and to get this I was put in a truck for a long and bumpy ride to a specialist hospital. This hurt so much! After another painful truck ride back to the shelter, I heard the vets saying the X-ray showed that I had some old fractures in my legs that hadn’t healed properly. As a result, I had problems with the nerves in my paws and this meant I would never be able to walk or stand like a normal dog.

This broke my heart, but Soi Dog’s vets promised they would help me. They made me some special cast shoes so that I could stand up and walk without feeling any pain. This changed my life and I thought I couldn’t be happier! Since the vets fitted me with those special shoes, life gets a little bit better every day. They spend time with me daily to help me to practice stanOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAding and walking, and I must say I’m getting very good at it.

But now my life has gotten even better! A lovely lady called Heather saw my story on Facebook, got in touch with Soi Dog, and said she wanted to adopt me! Heather lives in a place called Seattle in the USA, and she has promised to get me all the vet care I need. She also has a very big yard I’ll be able to play in. Thanks to the vets at Soi Dog and Heather, I’m the happiest dog in Thailand!

I heard Soi Dog is building a new hospital, and they need a special room so they can give X-rays and ultrasounds to dogs like me. Then I and the other dogs and cats can get X-rays right away without that horrible drive to the specialist hospital. Won’t you please help them to build the X-ray room?

After you donate, take a look at my journey with Soi Dog Foundation in the slideshow. Thanks to them, I have a new life!


Soi Dog Foundation exists to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Thailand, and firmly believes that the only effective and humane solution to ending the needless suffering of street animals is through spaying and neutering. Soi Dog also works hard to rescue dogs that are stolen, inhumanely treated, and transported across the border for the illicit meat trade in nearby Vietnam. Soi Dog provides love, medical care, food, and shelter to dogs in need from the moment they are rescued until the day when they finally become part of a forever family.