Peak Poon Was Stolen And Almost Lost To The Meat Trade. Now She Needs A Home!


Animal lovers are a loving and generous lot. We see stories every day about animals that needed a home after a terrible start in life, and it never fails to inspire hope. Sadly, animal abuse and mistreatment spans the globe, we just don’t often see it. Thankfully, our work with the Soi Dog Foundation has already led to adoptions for dogs rescued from the meat trade. Hopefully Peak Poon will be the next happy ending!

UPDATE: A very active Soi Dog supporter in Thailand fell in love with Peak Poon, and adopted her. Congratulations, pretty one! If you’re still looking for the perfect dog to adopt, check out the Soi Dog website today!

Most dogs that become victims of the meat trade are assumed to be strays or abandoned. Depressingly, that is not always the case. Take Peak Poon, a nine month old dog who was just recently rescued. It turns out that she was abducted out of her family’s yard! After being snatched, Peak Poon spent hours cramped into a mesh cage with dozens of other dogs before police stopped the vehicle.

Sadly, the men that took her could not, or would not, identify who the previous owners were, and Peak Poon ended up with Soi Dog. Now Peak Poon is looking for a new home, one that can protect her and love her with all their heart. But beware: Peak Poon is not for the faint of heart! She is full of love, and wants nothing more than to cuddle and shower you with affection! Be prepared for lots of hugs from her.

All that is left for Peak Poon is to find that forever home, one that she desperately wants. Soi Dogs is working incredibly hard to provide adoption opportunities for Peak Poon, and will help any family adopt her, regardless of where they live in the world.

Can you give her a forever home?

To learn more about adopting Peak Poon, get in touch with Soi Dog. Soi Dog charges no adoption fees for international adoptions, however adoption costs must be met by the adopter. For overseas adoptions, costs start at $350 USD for the USA and Canada. The UK and EU are also easy to adopt to and costs starts from 400 euros for the EU and 700 GBP for the UK.

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