Want Your Pet to be a Social Media Star? One in Every Four Owners Dream of It

Some do it for love, some do it for money.

We are talking about making social media stars out of our pets. It is like show business, doing all the tricks to attract the spotlight on our dogs, cats, and whatever animal you have chosen to care for.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Actually, many of us simply like leading private lives with our pets. Occasionally, we show them off to friends or on social media. But we are happier without all the problems and stress of constantly dolling up our pets for photoshoots.

Other people find their joy in doing otherwise. They feel happy about their pets and the results of their social media efforts, as long as the responses they receive are positive, that is.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Some are also very happy with the money they are able to make out of their pets’ stardom. Yes, once you have made your pet’s social media page popular, you can expect companies to contact you to advertise their products.

According to pet insurer ManyPets, one in every four pet owners has a social media account for their companion animal. Many strive to make their pets famous on Instagram or Tiktok, for personal joy or personal gain — or both.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

But turning your pet into a social media star is no easy task. It requires commitment, creativity, patience, and a good dose of humor. Otherwise, you may feel like you are operating a business and are bound to get stressed out if you do not receive any return on your investment.

Some pet owners have walked this road and realized in the end that they have gone overboard with their efforts and expectations. They have become so obsessed with maintaining the celebrity status of their pets that they have become stage fur parents and are no longer truly happy with their lives apart from social media.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Some find they have neglected their families, choosing to spend more time and money on their companion animals. And how about their pets? In a situation where stardom has become the focal point of a relationship, the star may no longer feel loved. Although many animals may not be capable of feeling exploited, exactly, they certainly know when they’re being forced to perform tricks they don’t want to do and wear uncomfortable outfits they don’t like.

It happens in show business, and it can happen to a pet owner when success gets into their head.

In life, balance is essential to attain true and lasting happiness with your pet and other loved ones. Watch the video below to learn more about animal social media stardom.

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