Canine Corner: This Soccer Dog Is Channeling His Inner Hooligan

The World Cup is one of the planet’s largest sporting events, bringing together soccer fans from around the globe.

Humans of all walks of life get wildly worked up with every goal, so it’s little wonder that a few animals might enjoy the game as well.

Georges the dog loves soccer, and the opportunity to watch a World Cup game has him jumping for joy.

Source: YouTube/Bearaids
Source: YouTube/Bearaids

He doesn’t even care who wins, so long as there’s action on the field.

Some estimates place the population of the world’s soccer fans at around 3.5 billion, and Georges is definitely one of them!

Perhaps some day Georges will attend a game in person. Until then, he seems quite happy finding a match on television! Have you ever seen a dog more happy to catch a game on the small screen?

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