Dad Turns His Own Daughter In For Animal Cruelty and Neglect

Two starved and abandoned dogs were discovered on a road in Pennsylvania. The dogs were skin and bones and nearly starved to death. Photos of the dogs started to spread across social media, looking for the person responsible.

William Wright came across the photos and feared the worst, that the dogs belonged to his daughter, Tonysha Wright. It was a difficult decision, but William contacted the Humane Society and reported his daughter and her girlfriend, Tonya Papa. He wanted them to be held accountable for starving their dogs.

“That’s what the problem (is) today. Kids have no consequence for what they do. They gotta learn,” Wright told WSB-TV2. “I don’t know where my daughter went wrong with none of it. Since my daughter was born, I’ve always had a dog and she knows how to take care of a dog. She’s thinking she going to jail immediately. I got off work. I called her. I said, ‘We will go together. I’ll go with you.'”

Photos: Facebook/Washington Area Humane Society

Both dogs were taken to Washington County Humane Society in Pennsylvania. Countless people stepped up to foster and adopt Snowy, previously known as Bella, the extremely starved and neglected of the two dogs. Blood work was pulled on the dogs and thankfully nothing serious came back. Snowy is in a loving foster home that will help her regain weight and show her the love she deserves. Coal, the other dog, is available for adoption through the shelter.

Photos: Facebook/Washington Area Humane Society

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As for the two women responsible, they are facing felony aggravated animal cruelty charges. The shelter posted, “Some cases stop you in your tracks. Snowy was one of those. She came to us today through animal control. We believe she was dumped and has clearly been starved and neglected. Thanks to new dog laws in the state of PA neglect and abuse leading to death is a felony charge.”

There is no excuse for starving and abandoning a dog. If you can no longer care for your pet, please contact your local shelter. They deserve better!

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