An Animal’s Guide To Enjoying Your Snow Day!

Are you sick of winter? One thing we can count on animals to do is to put a smile on our faces, no matter what the temperature is outside. Animals truly appreciate the simple things in life, and luckily for us, we get to share in their joy. By now, I’m sure you are tired of winter and ready for the warmer months, but depending on where you live, those warmer temps may be a few months off (looking at you, Michigan). Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of animals who are making the best of chilly situations that will warm even the coldest of hearts!

Follow these 6 animal approved steps to enjoying your snow day…

Step 1: Take Your Time!

We start our snowy journey with a slow-mo dog who is enjoying the snow with a smile on his face. Even if you hate snow, you can’t say this doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun!

Step 2: Invite A Friend Over To Play!

Cats are no strangers to making a play thing out of nothing (cardboard boxes, anyone?), and snow is no exception! Check out how these cats are using the snow as their personal playground. They are too funny!

Step 3: Don’t Let Volume Get You Down.

Take a lesson from Scooter when it comes to enjoying your snow day. Too much snow? What’s that mean? Apparently it means nothing to Scooter, who is out to enjoy himself no matter how deep the snow is! Watch as he enjoys his white backyard!

 Does all this snow talk make you chilly? Check out the next page for a tasty way to warm up…

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