Man Builds Massive Snow Maze For His Senior and Special Needs Rescue Dogs

Chris and Mariesa Hughes of Clifton Park, New York, have been rescuing senior dogs from shelters across the country and finding them forever homes since 2014, when they founded The Mr. Mo Project.

The nonprofit group is named after their late senior dog, Moses (Mr. Mo), whom they honor every time they save a senior or special needs dog from a shelter. They have saved over 600 senior and special needs dogs, with the help of volunteers and fosters, and currently live with 21 rescue dogs ranging in age and size.

Photo: Facebook/Gremlin – The Mr Mo Project

The couple does everything in their power to make sure the dogs are happy and healthy, including building them a massive snow maze.

Chris recently posted a video on the nonprofit’s Facebook page of a snow maze he created for his senior and special needs pals after a massive snow storm. “When you get 32” of snow over night, you make a maze!”

Photo: Facebook/Gremlin – The Mr Mo Project

He used his snowblower to not only make a path for his dogs to go to the bathroom, but made it large enough for the dogs to get some exercise as well. He said, “The only reason I have a snowblower is to make a maze.”

The video showed some of the larger dogs enjoying the maze and racing around the paths. Chris called each dog and some wagged their tail and came to him, but others were too distracted by their new maze.

Screenshot: Facebook/Gremlin – The Mr Mo Project

Meatball, a bull terrier who was rescued as a stray from Ohio, took his ball along to play with in the snow. At the end of the video there was a quick shot of Mercury, a French bulldog born with a major congenital defect of his spine, sitting on top of the stairs because he’s not a fan of the snow.

Screenshot: Facebook/Gremlin – The Mr Mo Project

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Thousands of people have watched the video and many commented that they also make mazes for their dogs, but not as large as Chris’. They went on to commend the couple for being great parents and for saving the lives of so many dogs.

“This is absolutely awesome!! So much fun for the pups. I adore you guys,” wrote one fan.

Learn more about each of the rescue dogs on their Facebook page.

The Mr. Mo project never turns down a senior dog in need, but they couldn’t do it without fosters. They’re always looking for more fosters so they can save even more dogs. Help a grey-muzzled pup by learning more about fostering here.

Watch the dogs explore the snow maze in the viral video by clicking here.

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