Vet Warns About The Dangers Of ‘Grit’ Found On Icy Roads And Sidewalks

Dog owners know that taking care of a pet often means taking care of their needs before they even know them. Dogs rely on their owners and families to protect them from the environment around them, whether it’s the heat of summer or the cold of winter. And it’s not just nature that pet owners need to be aware of. As winter storms blanket some areas of the world in snow, rock salt, or grit, is often deployed to clear roadways. One woman’s timely warning about the dangers that rock salt poses to pets has been widely shared.

Caroline Pena, a veterinarian based in Chicago, took to Facebook to describe dogs being rushed to her hospital “with their pads peeled off,” adding: “This is extremely painful to them.” On the post, she shared a photo of a pained pooch, whose paw was painfully stripped of its pads.


Her advice? “Your dog walks should be kept SHORT! Booties on your baby’s feet are essential for keeping frostbite and hypothermia away!” And it’s not just your dog’s paws you should watch out for: chemical additives in de-icing agents can harm dogs digestive systems, as can the high sodium content naturally found in the rock salt.

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If your area is experiencing low temperatures, and your pup loves to play in the snow, keep a watchful eye out for salted areas. Your pets may not know how to keep themselves safe – make sure their needs are taken care of. They’ll thank you later!

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