She’s Killin’ It On The Catwalk

When you look this good, you can’t help but notice. Or you can’t help but be noticed!

Meet Smoothie! The world’s ultimate cat supermodel. She’s seriously taking the world by storm with her larger than life personality and furry good looks. Seriously, she can’t take a bad picture… even if she tried!

Those eyes! That fur! That face. Smoothie is somePAWdy to notice! MEOWWWW!

A photo posted by @smoothiethecat on

With 770,000+ Instagram followers, many obviously agree that this stunning cat deserves a fan club. She even has her own custom socks! OH EM GEE! I need a pair!

While we often worry about getting our best feature in for a photo, Smoothie, well, she doesn’t have a best feature. ALL of Smoothie is cat-tastic.

A photo posted by @smoothiethecat on

This cat could seriously start a revolution. Or possibly a style trend. If she were to wear a studded red collar, and all the cats saw her wearing it, I think it’s fair to say studded red collars would be sold out across the nation!

Her emerald green eyes are simply irresistible. If she were to stare at you, would you be smitten for this kitten? I know I would be!

A photo posted by @smoothiethecat on

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