An Engagement Announcement That ALL Animal Lovers Have To See!

Like many blended families, this one started out with some challenges. Vanessa Richards, Smokky’s human, was totally in love with her sassy fur-child. Having had her since she was a kitten, Smokky, now five-years-old, pretty much ran the show.

When Richards met Tom, she had some concerns. “I am a self-confessed ‘crazy cat lady’, so naturally I always hoped I would end up with someone who shared my appreciation. Tom grew up with and always liked cats, but like a lot of guys, I think he was a bit more of a dog person at heart. I think Smokky definitely changed that, however.” Richards told The Dodo.

When Tom first started coming around, Smokky wasn’t so sure about him. She acted shy and would hide from him. This, of course, concerned Richards BUT the heart wants what the heart wants and luckily Smokky got the message!

Once the couple made the decision to move in together, Smokky had accepted Tom into the fold. As time progressed, so did their relationship. “… they have had a beautiful bond, and he is an excellent ‘cat daddy’!” Richards told The Dodo. Tom posted this photo on Snapchat that totally sealed the deal. Richards was both elated and relieved!

Vanessa Richards, The Dodo
Vanessa Richards, The Dodo

Tom and Richards took the next step, now with more confidence. Tom proposed to Richards while out on a walk together playing Pokemon Go. Once they got home, they wanted to include Smokky so decided they should somehow use her in the announcement.

If you know cats, then you know they’re not the best models for staged photos. Getting Smokky to cooperate was definitely a challenge. YET… with enough coaxing and enough treats, the end result is CAT-TASTIC!

Vanessa Richards, The Dodo
Vanessa Richards, The Dodo

Maybe Smokky understood that it was an important moment for her parents.

“Before I met Tom, Smokky was mine, but now she is ours and we are a happy little family of three.”

Vanessa Richards, The Dodo
Vanessa Richards, The Dodo
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