She Went To Get A Manicure Then Became Somebody’s Hero!

While having her nails done, an ordinary woman, with a big heart, was told about a dog that her manicurist’s son didn’t want anymore. A dog that was just put in the yard and forgotten about, that they were willing to put down if they had the extra $200 to do so. A perfectly beautiful animal left to fend for himself.


This ordinary woman didn’t know what to do! She drove over to the manicurist’s house, knocked on the door, and when she went inside, she could see this sad, helpless creature at the back door, through a window. Smokey was so skinny and so sad. How could ANYONE neglect an animal this way?


As she took Smokey’s leash into her hands, the ordinary woman changed into an extraordinary hero. She took him right to the vet and had him evaluated. Smokey was starved! But this neglected and abused dog didn’t harbor a grudge; he was kind and gentle– literally left to die for no reason at all!

What happens next made my heart swell, and truly made me believe that any ordinary person can do extraordinary things!

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