Police Officer Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty To Save Pit Bull Puppy Trapped In House Fire

Police officers put their lives on the line every single day and don’t expect much in return. That is why when a story like this one comes across my desk, I feel I have to share it!

Officer Breitfeller, of the Stroud Area Regional Police Department, in Pennsylvania, responded to a call about a possible dwelling fire. He, along with other first responders, arrived at the scene to a home filled with smoke.

Neighbors told the first responders that there was a puppy still inside the residence. Officer Breitfeller didn’t hesitate! He forced his way into the home and there, waiting for a rescue, was a sweet Pit Bull puppy that the officer affectionately nicknamed “Smokey.”


Smokey will go on to grow big and strong, and live a happy life, all because a police officer went above and beyond his job title!

Smokey says “Thank You, Officer Breitfeller!”


Source and Photos: Stroud Area Regional Police Department

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