Smokey Bear the Dog

Only you can prevent pet homelessness! Find out what it takes in the touching story of Smokey Bear.


I was closing on my house in Ocala, FL, and had just bought a farm to fix up in a rural area. It was a hectic and stressful time. My partner and I found a ragged little dog running along our new road. He smelled terrible, his bones creaked, and he looked more like a scrap of carpet than a dog.

We took him right home!

Neighbors had seen this little guy running around for months, most likely thrown away by a cruel breeder. Because wild fires had created plenty of smoke, we named him Smokey Bear. He was shell-shocked, but gentle.

A trip to the groomer was in order. When we got him neutered, we found out he was about eight years old.

Two years later, Smokey Bear’s personality has blossomed. He runs and yips alongside the two hound dogs. Smokey has filled out thanks to regular feeding, and consistent doses of Glucosomine and love have worked wonders — although we still battle daily with his itchy skin. It is a joy to see him learn to be silly and play. He has a safe home, special people, and a dog pack now. After what he has gone through, he deserves the best we can give.

— Robin Romaine, Fort White, FL

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