How To Turn Your Old Socks Into Cozy Dog Beds

Smartwool will turn old, worn-out socks into useable, new dog beds as part of their new sustainability initiative.

In an attempt to minimize the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill (which is about 87% of all clothing in the US, according to the EPA), Smartwool launched the The Second Cut™ Project.

According to their website, The Second Cut™ Project has a mission “to begin building systems and experiments that lead us toward our goal of 100% circularity by 2030.”

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How it works is when ordering a pair of socks from them, you can ask for a take-back bag. Fill the bag with “unwanted socks (all brands and conditions accepted).” Finally, attach the pre-paid shipping label and drop it off at Fed-Ex. It’s that simple!

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Usually, old socks end up in landfills, but now they have a chance to take on a new life. Once Smartwool receives the socks, they will grind them up and use them for other projects, starting with dog beds.


All they request is that the socks in the bag are clean, single socks of any condition or material and that none of the socks are rolled or paired.

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If you have socks that you’d like to send but don’t have one of their take-back bags, you can mail the socks to the following address:

Attn: Smartwool Second Cut
647 Hopewell Rd.
Morganton, N.C. 28655

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You can head to to stay up to date with their project.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Hopefully other companies follow their example!

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