Dog Really Wants Cat To Enjoy The Season’s First Snowfall

Ah, that first snowfall of the season. It’s SO very special! You can’t help but get a little giddy about it. And what’s more fun than sharing that moment with your friends? NOTHING! And this dog totally gets that. He just has to show his cat bestie how awesome the snow is by smacking him down into an epic face plant. Man, that’s cold. Luckily, this cat has a great sense of humor!

Like funny pet videos? OH, me too! Check this one out! Remo, the puppy who loves his sleep, is refusing to wake up for his human. He pushes his human away with his paw. I have never seen a pet do that. It’s pretty amazing. Like, is he a dog or is he a teenager? My goodness. Do you have a lazy pet that refuses to wake up? Tell us about it!

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