Good Samaritans Stop Traffic To Rescue Sloth

Imagine driving along on (what you think) will be an ordinary day and seeing a helpless animal in the middle of the road. What would you do? For safety reasons, I suggest going onto the shoulder, with your hazard lights on, and calling for help… But these men weren’t about to take any chances. Watch as they take matters into their own hands. Literally.

Some will debate that handling the sloth was a terrible idea, while others will argue that this is the only way they could be sure he would be safe and return to his home. Sometimes there are no “right” answers, there are just ways to act that put an animal’s needs first. I think this rescue is heroic and am so grateful that these men did what they had to to make sure this sweet sloth wasn’t hit by a car. YAY for heroes!

Some fun sloth facts:

  • There are two main types of sloths—the Bradypus and Choloepus. The sloth featured in this video is a Bradypus. The Choloepus, on the other hand, has a pig-like snout and looks a bit like a Wookie from Star Wars.
  • Sloths descend to the base of their trees once per week to do their business.
  • Sloths don’t move slowly because they’re lazy! They’re sluggish because they take a long time to digest and have a slow metabolism.
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