SLIDESHOW: Seeing These Dogs So Active and Happy Melts My Heart

There are certain things that we'll never grow tired of — foods, yes, places, yes, people, yes, but the one we want to focus on is something that happens daily: watching our dogs play.

Every second of seeing them active and happy somehow makes us feel more active, and happy.

So, we've put together a slideshow of our favorite dogs caught in the act of playing. Enjoy, and please do pay special attention to one of our favorite pups, Shawn, after you've viewed the slideshow.

While we obviously love to see each and every dog running, jumping, and being active, the sad reality is that there are many dogs out there that, for various reasons, will never be able to play again. And then there are dogs that need our help in order to play again.

Shawn is one of those dogs.

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