Sleepy Kitties (And Sleepy Kitty Disruptors!)

Our fur babies sleep a lot more than we do, those lucky little guys and girls! Maybe it’s because they have a lot less to worry about than we do?

I think it’s more biological… in fact, I know that it is! Cats spend as much as 16 hours a day sleeping. WHOA! I wonder what they dream about during those 16 hours… That’s a lot of potential dreaming!

When your fur baby sleeps, does his or her sibling try to interrupt them? Oh, it definitely happens in my house! I have a two-year-old dog that is very much still a puppy. She constantly wakes up her sister for playtime. It’s pretty hilarious to see (and hear!) it happen. Paisley, my 8 year old, will be fast asleep, totally content, when suddenly Skyler will literally jump on top of her. OY VEY! It’s hilarious.

Tell us your funny sleep stories. We love hearing from all of you!

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