Don’t Close Those Eyes Now — This is the Slideshow to End All Slideshows

Sleeping is part of life, yes, yes, we know. Absolutely, we know, but HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING CUTER THAN THESE SLEEPY KITTIES!? You’d be hard-pressed to find something more adorable than these dainty, dozing felines. Be careful — they might make you a little sleepy as well!

Ses Ktzchen macht ein Nickerchen
Photo: Adobe Stock

In the slideshow below, you’ll find ten cats that are so tranquil and serene that Mother Nature would smile herself into a yawn. How could she not looking at faces like this?

Furry Tabby kitten lying with a huge yawn expression.
Photo: Adobe Stock

Enjoy, and be sure to share the charming kitty sleepiness with your friends! This is too cute not to share.

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