Pregnant And Going Blind, A Feral Cat Stuns Her Rescuers. You’ve Got To See This!

Skye desperately needed medical attention. She is pregnant and losing her eye sight. At first, she behaves like a typical feral cat but just watch what happens when she begins to understand that her rescuers only want what is best for her. Wait ’til you see her at 1:17! AWWW! This is amazing! I did not think it was possible for me to smile that much!

Skye is not the only feral cat to get some much needed TLC thanks to kind strangers. Check out Tiberius’s story here!

Thankfully there are some amazing people out there that are working to help the feral cat community. If you have feral cats in your neighborhood and are unsure how you can help, please feel free to check out this article about how you can identify a feral cat and make sure they survive!

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