No One Would Help This Funny Looking Cat Until One Man Couldn’t Refuse Him

A homeless cat, with a funny looking nose, walked aimlessly, meowing at strangers and asking for help. No one cared enough to help, until a kind-hearted man couldn’t refuse him.


The cat’s condition touched his heart and it saddened him that he was alone with an obvious health issue. So, this hero scooped him up and brought him to the vet. Turned out he had a fungal infection called Cryptococcis. His case was so severe! He needed treatment immediately, and a feeding tube.

The kind man didn’t have the resources to help him on his own so he looked for a sanctuary that could give him proper care. While searching online, he came across Milo’s Sanctuary in Burbank, California. This wonderful place could not turn away this precious cat that they named Skimble Skypaws.


This little fighter knows all about being tough! He curls up on the lap of a volunteer when he knows it’s feeding time.

Although his infection may be a lifelong battle, for now he is doing really well. All thanks to a big-hearted stranger and a wonderful place where EVERY life matters!


Photo credit: Casey Christopher @ImogenTheKitten

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