Whoa, Watch This Little Guy Go!

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Robert Dollwet doesn’t just have tricks up his sleeve — he has patience, and to the maximum. It took 18 months of training and 6 months of filming/editing to get what you see in the video, where Dollwet’s beautiful cat, Didga, skateboards through the beach town of Coolangatta, Australia.

Let me tell you, though: it was worth it. What you’re about to see is both insanely cute and insanely impressive. Not only does this kitty manage to ride a skateboard (something I, for one, would struggle to do), Didga even has some pretty cool tricks.

Take a gander at this talented cat, and make sure to pay attention to the hilarious expressions on the faces of passersby. I don’t blame them! This is one incredible feline.

When you’re finished checking out Didga’s amazing moves, let us know what your cat’s hidden talent is in the comments below.

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