Six Emaciated Horses, One Barely Able To Stand, Rescued From Ohio Farm

Portage Animal Protective League in Ravenna, Ohio, rescued six emaciated horses and is working around-the-clock to restore their health.

The horses were brought to FOCUS Rescue and Rehabilitation and immediately examined by a vet. While all the horses are skin and bones, three were considered to be in critical condition.

One of those was a grey gelding, who was later named Zeus, and 400 pounds underweight. He could hardly stand on his own and was said to be “barely hanging on”, but rescuers refused to give up hope.

Warning. Graphic photos…Yesterday Portage APL humane agent removed 6 horses from a terrible situation. Three of the…

Posted by Portage Animal Protective League on Friday, September 3, 2021

They asked the public for alfalfa hay, a sling (to help Zeus stand), supplies, and support – which they received in abundance.

The malnourished horses need 24/7 care so dedicated individuals are taking turns spending the night at the barn.

Sadly, Zeus passed away five days after he was rescued. “We are heartbroken. He was a fighter and we were hopeful he would pull through. His body wasn’t strong enough to handle the severe malnutrition and began to shut down despite extensive treatment and round -the-clock care,” wrote the rescue.

They did everything in their power to save him and reassured their followers that “he was not alone and he was loved.”

Horse update:We are very sad to report that the grey horse (we were calling him Zeus) passed away this morning. We are…

Posted by Portage Animal Protective League on Tuesday, September 7, 2021

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The most recent update said, “One mare is still in critical condition and fighting and the remaining four horses are responding well to treatment, proper nutrition and medical care.”

The rescue thanks everyone for their support and concern for these innocent horses. They believe the horses must have been starved for months to be in the state they are in. The case is ongoing, so the rescue could not provide any additional details about the neglectful owner.

Posted by Portage Animal Protective League on Friday, September 3, 2021

Supporters are outraged that someone could be so heartless to let the horses starve and hope the person responsible is sent to prison and never allowed to own animals again.

“Why just why! If you can’t take care of them why can’t you surrender them instead of making the poor animals suffer. I pray they survive,” commented one person.

While the rescuers are heartbroken by the state of the horses, they posted, “These horses are the reason we exist. To help those that have no voice and cannot speak for themselves.”

It will be a long road to recovery for the horses. Anyone wanting to donate to their care can do so here.

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