Farm Dog Shows Her Lightning-Fast Trench Digging Skills In Viral Video

Dogs are beloved for their obvious qualities — loyalty, affection, and their naturally upbeat dispositions. On the farm, their skills make them even more important, as herders, guards, and hard workers.

Sissy the farm dog, a viral TikTok star described as a “working dog living life one quirk at a time” shows lightning-fast reflexes, problem-solving, and perfect trench digging skills, making her quite a well-rounded farmhand!

As a Blue Heeler (or Australian Cattle Dog if you’re fancy), Sissy exemplifies the whip-smart, active nature of the well-loved breed.


The video, posted on March 17th, shows her eagerly anticipating a barrel full of water as it spills toward her. Instantly, she jumps into action, tracking the spread of the water, lining herself up with the fence to her left, and rapidly digging a trench to divert the water’s flow along its line. Sissy continues to excitedly dig just ahead of the water, backing up at just the right speed to keep the water where it belongs and making a splash.

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She clearly loves her work, jumping into the air and wagging her tail with enthusiasm. Seen by over 12.5 million people, it’s no surprise why the video was such a hit!


Not only is she bursting with personality, but Sissy’s trench is also a helpful guide for future irrigation work. Sissy’s family describes her as “queen of the barn,” because of her love for farm work and occasional over-protectiveness.

As she grows, Sissy will no doubt continue to impress with her wide variety of farm-dog skills.


Watch the full video below, and keep up with Sissy’s continued hijinks on Instagram and TikTok!


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