Doting “Single Dad” Cat And His Two Kittens Hope To Find Loving Home Together

Most orange tabby cats (roughly 80%) are male but not all are doting dads like Archie.

The orange tabby cat family, which included mama cat and six kittens, was found in an Amazon box that had been duct-taped closed. During the rescue and transport, mama cat escaped and has not been recaptured.

The kittens and their protective dad were brought back to the Cuddle Buddies Rescue in Katy, Texas.

Four of the kittens have since been adopted. Archie and his remaining two kittens, Jughead and Josie, are hoping to find a loving home together.

Archie hates being separated from his kittens according to his foster mom, Emily Gammon. “We had planned on sending the six kittens to their new foster this week but when separated from them, Archie cried the most mournful cry I have ever heard 💔 So we were able to keep him with two of the babies and he is a proud daddy!”

Gammon hopes that Archie will be adopted with at least one of his kittens as he is so attached to them and is the best dad. He has even let the kittens “nurse” on his belly. She shared, “I have never seen a male cat take such loving and affectionate care of babies.”

While they wait for their special someone to come along, the kittens are entertaining their father and foster mom with their antics and unique personalities. Gammon posted a photo of Jarhead in a cat bed and wrote, “Jughead- not a morning kitten. He growled at his sister, ate and went straight back to bed.”

At the time of writing, the rescue hadn’t received any applications for the cat family and hopes someone will come forward soon. Anyone interested in adopting can apply here.

The foster-based animal rescue needs more foster families and relies on donations and volunteers to care for all the homeless cats and kittens.

Be sure to follow Gammon and meet all her foster cats on Auntie Em’s Foster Kittens Facebook page.

Head to your local shelter or rescue and see how you can be an animal hero by fostering, adopting, donating or volunteering.

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