With 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur And An Empty Belly, Can This Cat Survive?

Sinbad is referred to as #SinbadTheSurvivor for good reason! To earn your own hashtag, you must be pretty amazing, right? And Sinbad totally is!

This cat was found with so much matted fur, you could hardly see there’s a cat inside. Can you imagine how painful this must have been for him? Poor thing! Sinbad was rescued, looking like this, from a basement in an animal cruelty case.


The Anti-Cruelty Society rescued Sinbad and shaved off all his fur. Five whole pounds of it! There was even garbage stuck inside. OMG, poor baby! Once they shaved his fur, they could see how tiny he really was. Poor little thing was completely malnourished!

Sinbad The Survivor had a long road ahead of healing. But he knew he was in good (and loving) hands with his new foster dad. He looks so adorable in that little shirt! He had to wear it to keep him warm. His back legs didn’t work so well either but he never gave up the fight!


Sinbad is so purr-ecious! This little fighter is a kitty inspiration! Just look at this amazing transformation! This little warrior has come such a long way!


It’s pawsome to know that Sinbad is doing so much better… and his foster dad officially adopted him. HOORAY! I love a story with a happy ending!

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