Tiny Kitten Attempts To Jump On Couch, But Doesn’t Even Come Close

A tiny and spirited kitten named Simit is entertaining people around the world. Her wild antics paired with her adorable face has fans coming back for more.

Recently, on her Instagram page, her owner posted a video of her attempting to jump on the couch. While her determination and effort were praiseworthy, the challenge was simply too high.

Photos: Instagram/simitthecat

The little fluff ball crouched down and leaps with all her might at the couch, but simply crashed into it.

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Help me making my first jump hooman!

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The video was posted by LADbible with the fitting caption, “Short people problems”.

Photos: Instagram/simitthecat

When Simit is not helping with chores, like dishes, the kitten is busy purrfecting her meow. After spending all day playing, Simit falls asleep and dreams of being a full grown cat that can leap and jump on the couch.

Photo: Instagram/simitthecat

For now, the tiny fur ball is making the day of people around the world. Keep up with Simit on Instagram and for every like her owner gives her a belly rub. Don’t forget to share with all your cat-loving friends.

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