Puppy Was Brought For Euthanasia Because He Wouldn’t Play. His Owners Didn’t Care To Find Out Why

This dog named Simba was handed in to be euthanized because he “wouldn’t play.”

Thankfully, he was rescued by Sidewalk Specials, and it was soon discovered why he was rather lethargic and not up to playing like a dog normally would.

Sidewalk Specials

It turns out that he had advanced tick bite fever, which left him with a 50/50 chance of survival. But his rescuers refused to give up on him.

Sidewalk Specials

They brought him to Vet Point to get him the best care possible so they could increase the odds of his survival. Thankfully, little Simba was very calm and cooperative through the whole process.

Sidewalk Specials

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They found him a loving foster home to live at while he recovered and healed. At his foster home, he even gained a new big doggy brother to cuddle with him and help take care of him! The added company helped Simba gain more confidence in himself, and helped to reassure him that he is, in fact, loved!

Sidewalk Specials

Once Simba was healthy enough, he was available for adoption at Sidewalk Specials’ Adoption Day. Everyone hoped and prayed that Simba would find a loving forever home, and he did!

Sidewalk Specials

He is loving every second of his new life, and has the best family. He enjoys running around in his big backyard with his new doggy sibling. The two of them get along great and have quickly grown to be the best of friends!

Sidewalk Specials

Simba has come a long way from when he was surrendered by his former owner, but thankfully he has overcome every obstacle that was thrown in his way. He’ll never have to worry about being neglected or surrendered ever again!

Watch his journey in the video below:

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