Family Spots A Tiny Animal Laying In The Middle Of The Road

A family in Thailand spotted a tiny grey animal laying in the middle of the road. At first glance, it looked like a newborn house cat.

However, upon closer examination, they realized it looked more like a big cat and called Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT). The kitten was only a few hours old and needed a vet immediately.

The vet quickly warmed up the kitten and fed it some special milk. After making sure all the basic needs of the cat were met, the vet discovered the cat was a rare fishing cat. Fishing cats are near extinction and are extremely rare in Thailand.

Screen Shot: Youtube/  AnimalSTEP Official
Photo: YouTube/AnimalSTEP Official

Due to habitat loss and human-nature conflict, the fishing cat is becoming extinct. These beautiful wild cats live in southeast Asia. They range in size from 13-26 pounds and love the water, hence their name. According to Big Cat Rescue, “At one time, one of the more noted characteristics often associated with the fishing cat was webbed feet.”

Photo: Facebook/Wild Oasis
Photo: Facebook/ Wild Oasis

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With round-the-clock care in a special incubator, the vet hopes the kitten named Simba will make a full recovery. His species is depending on it.

Watch the full rescue video below.

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