Silly Dog Loves To Make His Tiny Humans Laugh

This silly dog has found the pawfect way to entertain his tiny humans. I promise you, you cannot watch this and not crack up. I laughed so loudly that I actually scared my dogs! Sorry, pups. I’ve seen dogs get the zoomies but this is like the zoomies on steroids!

Does your dog like to make you laugh? Tell us all about it below!

If you enjoyed this post, you will totally love this one too! Bulldogs just make me smile… no matter what they’re up to! Whether they’re just hanging out, skateboarding (Bulldogs are just really good at skateboarding), or sleeping, like this fellow, I look at those squished up, wrinkly faces, and I can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

Titon is sleeping soundly and his human couldn’t help but capture it on camera, knowing good well this would totally make viewers melt. His expression is downright hilarious. I wonder what Titon is dreaming about… Maybe a fun day in the sun? A giant bowl of treats? Hmmm, whatever it is, he looks pretty darn content.

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