Puppy On The Brink Of Death Gets A Second Chance At Life

Rescuers with Sidewalk Specials in De Doorns came across a small puppy who desperately needed help.

The little dog, who they named Squiggle, was sitting outside, drooling. He wasn’t playing, he wasn’t excited to see humans. He was just sitting there – somewhat lifelessly.

Rescuers examined the poor little dog who was covered in filth. He wasn’t eating or drinking and his gums were sickly white.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

It quickly became apparent the little pup wouldn’t live long if left in that condition, so rescuers approached his owner about taking him.

Thankfully, his owner agreed to surrender the dog, and Sidewalk Specials was able to get him safely to a hospital for an examination.

Photo: Max Pixel

With the help of an X-ray, they discovered the small dog had a bone lodged in his throat, a wire in his stomach, and was suffering from tick bite fever. The veterinarian didn’t think he had much chance of surviving, but they decided to treat the little dog and give it their best effort.

It’s a good thing they made that decision because Squiggle ended up pulling through and now he’s thriving!

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Not only did Squiggle gain his strength and health back, but he also gained a whole lot of confidence and personality. The little pup is living his best life now, surrounded by people who love him.

Watch the video below:

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