Rescue Pitbull Tells Her Parents ‘She’s Hurt But She’ll Be Ok’

Sometimes it seems as if dogs can truly talk to us. Some dogs are better at it than others, but they have this ability to use their eyes, voice, and body to communicate in a way that’s nearly human.

The owners of a rescue pitbull named Shortcake know all about how well dogs can communicate. From the moment they brought her home, Shortcake was full of noises. Most of the time, she seemed to be attempting to chat with her new humans!

In an interview with The Dodo, they described her noises as “Wookie noises,” which they found absolutely adorable and hilarious.

Photo: Pixabay/Joe Stoltz

Shortcake’s owners revealed how upbeat and playful Shortcake was. Despite her rough past, she was a light of joy each day. But one day, she wasn’t quite the same.

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Shortcake’s owners immediately knew something was up when the pittie stopped “talking” and making “Wookie noises.” They noted that she wasn’t her usual, energetic self.

Considering the dog had nerve damage to her neck from her life prior to being rescued, they didn’t want to take any chances on her condition and immediately got her into a vet.

After being evaluated, it was determined that Shortcake would have to undergo emergency surgery.

After surgery, the poor pup slowly began her road to recovery. She had to do physical therapy twice a week for two months straight!

Slowly but surely, Shortcake was on the mend. It wasn’t until one day, in particular, that her owners were finally assured that she was going to be alright. That day, Shortcake made an effort to talk to them and comfort them.

It was as if she was telling them that yes, she hurts, but she’s going to be just fine. It was too sweet!

Watch the video below to learn more:

You can follow Shortcake on Instagram, @snortcake_. They share adorable photos of Shortcake’s life with her mom, dad, and dog siblings, Bella and Roxy.

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