Shih Tzu With 9 Pounds Of Matted Fur Makes An Incredible Transformation

Master Roshi is a 17-year-old dog who was living life as a stray. When he was found he was both deaf and blind. But on top of that, the poor dog was also walking in a peculiar manner.

As it turned out, years of being on his own meant that he’d compiled 9 pounds of matted fur to his body.

When the rescuers found the little Shih Tzu, they weren’t quite sure what his body looked like anymore as it was all lopsided because of the matting.

Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

After taking him into their care, they immediately set to work grooming him for the first time in years.

The grooming session took three hours, but by the end of it, his transformation was quite remarkable!

Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

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Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

Little Master Roshi was finally free of the heavy mat and was able to enjoy his golden years the way all dogs should.

Check out his transformation:

Wow! What a difference, right?

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