Human Records His Shiba Inu Howling, Then Turns It Into THIS!

Jon Sun isn’t just a fan of his dog, he’s a fan of music too! And with the help of his four-legged fur friend, Sun records a non-traditional song that will have you howling for days!


With all this technology, we can get quite creative. Have you toyed with Garage Band? Or some fun karaoke apps? Sun took to his laptop, his camera, and his smart phone to create a “woo-ing” masterpiece. And I’m pretty impressed!

Kibo is happy to sing along on command and is even more inspired when his dad begs for more. How often does your human encourage such a ruckus?


If you know the breed, then you know a Shiba Inu can howl with the best of ’em. Get ready for a howling good time that is sure to make you smile for days! Turn up your volume and let’s have some fun, with Jon Sun and his pup, Kibo.

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