Shelters Work With Pet Stores: Rescued Pets Win!

Every day, more shelters are teaming up with pet stores to ensure that animals in need of a home are seen by as many potential adopters as possible. When customers come in, they pass a special section of the store dedicated to pets in need of a home.

Adorable and adoptable, these rescued animals might otherwise go for a long time without any limelight. Many people avoid shelters when they are not actively looking to adopt a pet.

Pet stores, on the other hand, develop regular clientele looking for pet food, toys, and supplies. A friendly cat or sweet dog might easily catch a shopper’s eye, and has a much greater chance of being adopted. Even a shopper who is not ready to adopt may have friends who are looking for a new pet… and the word gets out.

This friendly local collaboration between stores and shelters is a win-win-win. Shelters get more exposure and more adoptions. Pet stores get to feature adoptable animals for customers to see and interact with. And pets like Sebastian, whose story follows, get the biggest “win” of all: the best possible chance at a “forever home.”

Sebastian’s Story:

FK_Story_Sebastian_11-21-2012His name is Sebastian. I wasn’t planning on getting a cat the day I walked into PetSmart, but there he was. Homeless Animals Lifeline Organization (HALO), of Antioch, CA, was there to find him a forever home. He came right to me in the cage and reached out, and I touched his paw. We did our shopping and came back; he grabbed me again. I couldn’t resist this time, and asked to hold him.

He clung to my neck, wrapping his paws around it, and purred. The more he purred, the better I felt. You guessed it—I took the cat home. The first night, and every night since, he wrapped his paws around my neck and purred. He knows when I am in pain, or when I’m about to have a seizure. He’s right there, crying at me until I say his name; then he wraps his arms around my neck, purrs, and kneads.

I really don’t know what I would have done without him over the past eight years. I’m alone a lot, and his cries have saved me from blacking out.

Shared with us by
Harriette White, from Antioch, CA.

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