This Dog Wouldn’t Budge For Anyone Until Something Truly Amazing Happens

When an animal winds up in a shelter, they often become distressed. The noise, the commotion, and the lack of attention can cause them all sorts of issues emotionally and physically. And for those that enter the shelter after abuse, it can be even worse.

Let’s take a trip to Australia to a wonderful program called Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue.

This sweet but shy dog didn’t trust anyone. He wouldn’t move from his safe spot in the back of the cage until he meets someone he just can’t refuse to stay away from. Take a look at how he perks up and immediately makes his way to the cage to interact with the humans visiting! You can’t help but say, “Aww!”

This just proved (again) that dogs and kids go ‘paw-fectly’ together. This video is so touching. I hope this sweet dog finds his forever home soon, and maybe with that little boy?

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