This Shelter Worker Just Raised The Bar!

Animal shelters often get a bad rap. In a lot of ways, they aren’t ideal places for homeless animals due to noise levels and cages. However, they are a safe place and the animals are well cared for. Especially at this place. Get ready to meet a shelter worker that is totally raising the bar. Not that other shelter workers don’t do an amazing job but this lady is AMAZING! After this pooch was spayed and felt pretty terrible, Chrissy Ireland did something truly special. She got inside Prissy’s cage and held her, and comforted her, for as long as Prissy needed.

These touching images, captured by Chrissy’s manager at the Conway Area Humane Society, will stay with me forever. It’s not just about doing daily duties to help animals in need, it’s about giving them the kind of support they need as well. Love is something we can give plenty of. It doesn’t cost a thing and the receiver can benefit in ways that even science can’t explain completely. As a friend of mine often says: Love goes a very long way. She’s totally right!

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