Rescued Pets Were Waiting At Shelter When A Special Delivery Arrived

Willow is a deaf 5-year-old lab mix, but she doesn’t let her disability get her down. But this playful dog was still surrendered by her former owners, who couldn’t meet this active gal’s daily exercise needs.

Fortunately, Willow wound up at Noble Friends Foundation for OC Animal Care, a California shelter committed to giving unwanted dogs and cats a second chance.

“Willow is a very playful white Labrador mix that also happens to be special needs,” shelter workers told Greater Good Charities. “Willow is deaf but that doesn’t stop her from playing and being like any other energetic dog her age!”

Deaf lab mix, Willow, with her new favorite toy. Photo: Noble Friends Foundation for OC Animal Care

But rehoming animals isn’t easy or cheap, especially following a pandemic that’s curtailed most shelter fundraising. That’s why Greater Good Charities and the Animal Rescue Site teamed up to provide Noble Friends Foundation OC Animal Care with critical supplies to help support their lifesaving mission.

Of course, this donation wouldn’t be possible without the support of Animal Rescue Site readers, whose daily clicks, donations, and shopping at The Animal Rescue Site Store helped us shower this hardworking shelter with $15,000 worth of supplies! These include wire crates, scratching boxes, litter trays, treats, and cat/dog toys, including a blue squeaky ball that’s become Willow’s new favorite toy!

Your donation helps cats like Rumble, a 2-year-old feline who arrived at the shelter with an eye infection and a serious case of scabies. “Rumble was truly in poor condition— he was depressed, underweight and with scabbing wounds all over his body,” shelter workers recalled. “He also had a very painful eye condition, which meant his eyes were constantly weepy and watering.”

Rumble is healthy and ready for adoption! Photo: Noble Friends Foundation for OC Animal Care

Thankfully, the ailing cat thrived in foster care, where Greater Good provided a brand-new wire crate to keep Rumble comfortable and safe throughout his recovery. “Some of our caretakers have plenty of love to give but may not have all the finances to match,” rescuers said. “When we can help provide them with items like this crate donated from Greater Good, it makes their care that much easier.”

Before long, Rumble was fully healed — and ready for adoption. “After two long months of treatments, Rumble was finally over his skin condition!” said rescuers, who also gave the cat surgery to fix his painful eye condition. “Although his eyes still water a bit, he is a very happy boy and ready for adoption!”

Playful shelter kittens learning to “hunt.” Photo: Noble Friends Foundation for OC Animal Care

But Rumble wasn’t the only shelter cat to benefit from this sprawling donation, which was shared throughout the shelter’s foster care network.

“Whenever possible, we try to provide our foster caretakers with the items they need to help their foster babies thrive both mentally and physically,” shelter workers explained. “Play for young kittens is very important in developing their motor skills and teaching them how to “hunt,” which is a natural behavior for kittens and adult cats.”

This young litter was especially fascinated with our handmade wool snakes, which offer a fascinating combination of textures, color, and scent. “Toys like these provide olfactory, visual, and tactile enrichment,” workers said. “Donations like this help shelter pets become well-rounded adults which results in better adoption outcomes!”

Spaniel puppy getting ears cleaned. Photo: Noble Friends Foundation for OC Animal Care

Other supplies will help shelter vets provide animals with preventative care. For instance, this Brittany Spaniel puppy was given an ear cleaning using one of Greater Good’s grooming kits.

“Spaniels are a breed that is prone to ear infections, so it was no surprise to our Veterinary staff that the puppy needed an ear flush,” rescuers said of the newly surrendered shelter dog. Best yet, rescuers will outfit animal control officers with grooming kits in the field, where they can be used to help low-income pet owners.

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Now grateful shelter workers have asked us to thank everybody who helped bring this generous donation to fruition. “From everyone at Noble Friends, OC Animal Care, our staff and volunteers, we’d like to thank the product donors who made this grant possible,” shelter workers told Greater Good Charities.

“Items like this truly help enrich the lives of the animals in our care,” rescuers continued. “While a shelter is never a replacement for a forever home, we are able to utilize your gifts to provide a positive and enriching shelter experience for the animals in our care, ultimately leading them to find their forever family.”

Thank you for your support! Please donate below if you’d like to help us support other wonderful shelters.

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