Family Adopts Two Kittens To Help Heal Their Broken Hearts And Discovers One Is Covered In Hearts

Katie Duda and her family had their hearts shattered when their beloved cat, Lucky, passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago. Duda did the only thing she could think of to help heal their broken hearts – adopt two kittens.

River and Remi were being fostered with Wrenn Rescues, a small California cat rescue. When Duda went to pick them up she noticed River had a huge heart in the middle of his chest.

She took it as a sign that she made the right choice.

Ava, the family’s 16-year-old cat, was also grieving and the addition of two playful kittens is just what everyone needed.

“They are really special kitties who are gentle, silly, and attentive. They are sweet to my senior cat, never bite or scratch, never skittish. They are love bugs,” wrote Duda.

As the kittens became more comfortable in their new home, Duda started to notice more hearts on River. “The longer you look, the more hearts you find,” she said in an Instagram post.

Seven hearts have been found on River, but his biggest heart is the one inside.

He has not only helped heal his new family’s hearts, but is a great brother to Remi. The two love to nap together and look for squirrels – out the window and on the television.

River even helps Remi rest in an off-limits area. “Remi really wanted to sit in the plant but I put foil in it so it wouldn’t be mistaken for a litter box. River did Remi a solid and removed the foil for him. I then put paper plates down and now Remi would like to speak to the manager,” said Duda.

Although Remi is not covered in adorable hearts like River, his love of toys and playful antics have also helped the family heal.

Duda said that Lucky will always be in her heart, but the kittens are definitely making life better. “We are still very much grieving, but River + Remi bring us so much joy, and joy softens grief.”

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