Nobody Wanted These Shelter Dogs, Until This Man Comes And Transforms Them With Haircuts And Love

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Many dogs at shelters are often overlooked and will sadly spend the rest of their lives in a lonely kennel. Many dogs come into the shelter looking very dirty and scraggly, and wind up staying that way. Their messy appearance could be a big factor in why people are overlooking these poor pups.

One man, named Mark Imhof, is working to change this. Known as “The Dog Guy,” Imhof is a volunteer groomer who started grooming dogs for the sole purpose of helping shelter dogs get adopted. He takes these dogs who look dirty and messy and transforms them into the beautiful little pups that they really are underneath all the knots.

Many of the dogs who he has worked with are practically unadoptable until he groomed them. Imhof helps as many dogs as he can, and it really helps! Take a look at what he does in the video below:

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