Woman Takes Shelter Dogs To Get ‘Puppuccinos’ Every Week So They Can Get Adopted

Nobody said that life was easy, and that is especially true when you are a shelter dog. It can be “ruff” when you are waiting to go to your forever home, and many of those dogs spend the majority of their time cramped up in cages waiting for the big day to happen.

There are also the dogs who live at Washington’s Kitsap Humane Society, who are living a different life. Rather than being like your typical shelter dog, they have Molly Clark to look after them. As a loving volunteer, she gives the dogs exactly what they need so they can enjoy life and find a home.

It starts when she goes to her local Starbucks so the dog is able to get a “puppuccino,” a small cup that is filled with whipped cream.

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The dogs love the delicious treat, but the humans that are sitting nearby enjoying their coffee get a good look. Maybe they will even take a pup home!

The dogs get to leave the shelter for a while and may find a home in the process.

They get to see the outside world in ways that they may not have seen before!

I’m ready to take this sweet boy home right now!

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