Shelter Dogs Celebrate Their Very First “Barksgiving” Together

Rocky Kanaka is no stranger to rescues and fosters. He regularly helps animals in need and shares about it on his YouTube in hopes of inspiring others to foster.

While he often gives homeless dogs a better life through raising awareness and fostering, he decided to do something extra special for a group of homeless dogs at Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue back in 2017.

Knowing how special the holidays can be and how important they are for humans, Kanaka decided to bring a group of homeless dogs together and treat them to their own special holiday celebrating: Barksgiving.

Photo: Pixabay/ArtTower

No one should be alone on Thanksgiving if they don’t want to be, and that goes for animals as well. Sadly, many homeless dogs spend their days in shelters all alone, waiting for someone to love them and offer them a family.

For one day, a handful of lucky dogs would get to forget about their homelessness and enjoy a taste of Thanksgiving, doggy style.

Photo: YouTube/Rocky Kanaka
Photo: YouTube/Rocky Kanaka

Kanaka arranged for a table to be set, including a table cloth and placemats for each pup. Special dog-friendly Thanksgiving food was ordered, and the dogs were brought in to celebrate!

The dogs, including rescues Titan and Hooch, enjoyed a feast at the table surrounded by friends. Watch the celebration below:

Sadly, Titan passed away shortly after the Barksgiving celebration. We’re just glad to know he got to experience a bit of joy and togetherness before crossing the rainbow bridge.

After the success of the 2017 Barksgiving, Kanaka went on to recreate the celebration the following year. He treated another group of homeless dogs to a special feast together.

It’s clear they had a blast and enjoyed every moment:

You can follow Rocky Kanaka on YouTube to see more of his work, or learn more about Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue here.

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