Shelter Dog Who Spent His Days Staring Out Window Finally Finds Loving Home

Animal shelters are using social media to share their adoptable pets and catch the eye of adopters. The extended reach of social media has helped a sweet dog named Steven Tyler find his forever home.

Bradshaw Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California, posted a video of a the 2-year-old dog staring out the window of his kennel on Instagram with the caption, “Every day, this dog waits at the animal shelter like this for someone to come adopt him.” The adorable dog arrived on July 25 and was starting to wonder if his person would ever come.

Steven Tyler is super friendly and just wants to cuddle. He was kenneled with a friend he met in a playgroup and the video tug at viewer’s heartstrings with a shot of the two cuddling together on the same bed. They wrote, “In fact, the only time he’s not waiting like this is when he’s cuddling with a friend.”

The shelter asked their fans to share the video, “if you take a moment to share this, maybe today will be the day he gets adopted.”

Well, it worked.

Steve Tyler, renamed Donner, was adopted just a day later. The Zecca family saw the video and arrived with the entire family, including their dog named Tahoe, to see if it would work.

It was a match made in heaven. The dogs immediately got along, and Donner is great with the little kids. The family shared an update which the shelter posted for all to see. “He’s a gem. He got along with our dog instantly, and he is SO good with our kids. He’s sweet and loving and it feels like he’s been here forever. He fits our family perfectly.”

But there was more good news. Donner’s kennel mate, Helga, also was adopted.

There are dozens more that are waiting for someone to pick them. Check out all the adoptable animals at Bradshaw Animal Shelter here.

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