Senior Dog Adopted After Almost 7 Years In the Shelter

Mica is a rescued dog with a heartbreaking backstory. Like many rescued animals, the Pointer German shepherd was abused before he wound up at the League for Animal Welfare in Ohio. But even once he was rescued, Mica’s traumatic past led to trust and behavioral issues that kept the shelter dog from finding a home.

Shelter workers tried their best to help Mica trust people again, but despite their best efforts, the dog remained wary around strangers. Finally, as Mica approached his 7th year in the shelter, rescuers issued a desperate plea on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/League for Animal Welfare

“Mica is, as you know, our longest-stay dog,” the Ohio rescue wrote, noting Mica had lived at the shelter since Nov. 30, 2014. “That’s a whopping 2316 days in the shelter,” League for Animal Welfare continued. “Mica, all things considered, handles shelter life pretty well. But this old guy is 10. And he deserves a family of his own.”

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Even so, Mica would need to be adopted by a special person or family understanding of the dog’s rocky past. “Mica had a traumatic start to life and has learned to be wary of humans he doesn’t know,” shelter workers explained. “He needs a unicorn adopter – someone who is more interested in helping Mica than they are about what a dog can do for them.”

This person or family would provide Mica with a safe and loving home, as well as the patience, time, and space to adjust on his own terms.

Photo: Facebook/League for Animal Welfare

“He needs a person who can give him time and patience so he can learn to trust you,” rescuers wrote. “He needs someone to understand that he has good days and bad – and sometimes, on those bad days, even when he does love you and trust you, he just needs time alone.”

Thankfully, that sweet post went viral, because two months later, Mica was finally adopted into the perfect family.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!Mica – who has been at the League for 6.5 years – has LEFT the building! Our boy has finally found…

Posted by League for Animal Welfare on Wednesday, May 26, 2021

“Mica – who has been at the League for 6.5 years – has LEFT the building!” shelter workers cheered on Facebook. “Our boy has finally found his family.”

“Mica had some behavioral challenges that made finding the right fit especially important. But now he’s found it,” they continued. “Happy life, big guy. Go enjoy being the very best and most spoiled doggie.”

Congratulations, Mica!

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