30 Shelter Animals Were Surprised With A Delicious Feast So They Could Feel Love For The Holidays

FreshPet invited 30 deserving homeless animals to a special feast so they can feel love and a sense of family for the holidays.

They held this big delicious dinner to show the shelter animals that they are loved, and to help bring awareness to adoption. The meals consisted of different types of healthy dog food, which was laid out beautifully on the plates. They looked pretty enough to be actual dishes on the Food Network!

Each of the pets were fed, played with, and got lots of belly rubs! I bet many of these pups haven’t received this much attention in their lives. And the best part? Many of them got adopted!

Shelters all over the country are filled with pets like the ones in this video, who are in desperate need of a forever home. If you are thinking of getting a pet, consider adopting!

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