Disabled Navy Veteran Finds the Perfect Furry Friends to Help His PTSD

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My husband is 20-year disabled US Navy veteran who served during the Desert Storm and Somalia conflicts and has moderate PTSD from it. We were very fortunate to learn that Gavin Newsom, our California governor, passed a law starting in January 2020 that says that veterans can adopt pets once every six months for free. So, after losing our Shepherds a few years back due to cancer and other ailments, we were ready to restart our fur baby family.

Back in February, we found the perfect Lhasa Apso boy at the Animal Friends Of The Valley shelter in Wildomar. Sir Benjamin Waffles has been a blessing in our family, but he was lonely. We headed back to the shelter to find Ben a girlfriend.

veteran ptsd rescue dogs adoption
Photo: Erica Andersen

We arrived on Friday to learn that the dog that we wanted to adopt was out being spayed and she would be available for adoption on Saturday. We were also told that the dog we were interested in had about 15 other people interested in her as well. With that said, we arrived that next day at 4:43 AM. It was dark, but we were ready to camp out and be the first in line to adopt another fur baby. With lawn chairs set up at the front door, blankets, snacks and a pet stroller with Ben in it with his snacks, water and leash, we were ready for the long wait ahead.

5 hours and 17 minutes later, the doors opened at 10 am. We were handed a Number 1 paper and we turned our adoption paperwork in. We were ready for the meet and greet. Ben and the new pup rubbed noses and played the entire 10 minutes and that was it, Madame Presley Pancakes was a perfect fit for our family.

veteran ptsd rescue dogs adoption
Photo: Erica Andersen

Adoption complete! Now we have Pancakes & Waffles! And two pups calm my husband down from his PTSD. Thanks Animal Friends of the Valley! You made this family so happy.

Story submitted by Erica Andersen.

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